Kitplususa Feeder

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    Product Feature: 

    1. Wifi intelligent remote control ;

    2. Dual power supply design;

    3. 30s customized recording of pet keeper for encouraging your pet to eat on time; 

    4. Double silicone paddle design, avoid food jamming and piling issues;

    5. Safe & easy to clean: removable grain bucket + stainless steel rice bowl;

    6. 4L large capacity,visible stock (available for adult cats for 20 days +).

    Item Number 19111704
    Weight 2.1kg
    Dimensions 24.5 x 19.3 x 36.7 cm
    Storage Feature Automatic, Food Storage, Portion Control
    Lifestage  Puppy, Kitten
    Material PVC
    Compatible Food Dry Food
    Compatibility Wi-Fi, Battery, Plug-In, Android, Apple iOS